50mph limit for Glen Ogle A85?

4 years ago Killin News

Scottish ministers plan to impose a 50mph speed limit on the stretch of road running along Glen Ogle between the Lix Toll Junction and Lochearnhead.

Following completion of the Speed Limit Review, Scottish Ministers are satisfied that a 50mph Speed Limit be imposed on the A85 Stirling to Crianlarich Trunk Road from Lochearnhead to Lix Toll to improve road safety. The 50mph speed limit is consistent with other similar routes and is appropriate to the function and nature of the road.

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Will this improve the safety of the road and reduce road traffic incidents? We want to hear you views below – we will make sure these are forwarded to the Community Council for review!

  • Iain Campbell

    50 MPH ! I drive the A85 up and down daily and in my opinion the road is fine, its the people who drive above their ability or don’t know the road. Do you think this will deter the kamikaze brigade who use the Glen like a race track (summer weekends in particular) ? I think not…

  • I am often caught in large group of vehicles travelling behind a slower driver (10-20 behind one car driving around 30mph). Will reducing the speed limit really stop deaths? I think it will cause more impatience and overtaking especially when the roads are busy. Plus will anyone take heed? Do lorries stick to their current 40 limit? Do motorbikes stick to 60? I’ve followed buses at 60… If it doesn’t reduce RTA number will they reduce it further – when will they stop? 30mph? 20mph? 10mph?

  • Liz Stevens

    I don’t think reducing the speed limit would help. Improve the cycle route 7 so that road bikes can use it safely and ban cyclists from the main road. Slow moving traffic causes frustration to drivers stuck behind it and then people start doing silly things.

    • Is Cycle Route 7 in bad shape for road bikes?

      • Liz Stevens

        yes. If you go from Killin towards Callander: the bottom bit of Acharn is OK for a bike with reasonable tyres but not thin road tyres, then you have the uphill bit up the forestry track which you need mountain bike tyres for. Then the bit up to the top of Glen Ogle is tarmac so that is OK for road bikes, but when you get to the top it is bad again and you need your mountain bike tyres. The section along the railway is OK but I dont think a serious cyclist would take their road bike along it as it isnt tarmac most of the way. The new motorway from Kingshouse to Strathyre is fine, but after that you definitely need a mountain bike – the track is a disgrace in parts. I have brought this up with Sustrans before but had no answer. 🙁

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