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    Mags Campbell;1172 wrote:
    Heyya Mag are you related to Iain?There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the Killin Cemetry or cemetries. Let me sort it out once and for all.

    There are three cemetries in Killin. The MacNab Buriel Ground at the Dochart Bridge – I believe only clan chiefs etc etc can be buried here. Yes The second one is the “old” cemetry behind the Killin Hotel. It has been closed for c.80-100 years and is now very overgrown and probably only ever visited by those people trying to trace their family trees. Yes that’s the one I am interested in. The last McVean was buried about 1934 WWll Vet Finally there is the “new” cemetry at the Pier Road – it was this one that I was complaining about a few months ago. Ah, got you now. It is the Council’s responsibility to keep the place in order and recently they seem to be doing a pretty poor job of it. If asked they will put it down to a lack of money which is probably true but I believe its more likely because Killin is so far away from the administrative centre that they chose to forget about the us!I understand.[/quote] Thanks for the feed back. David McVean [EMAIL=””][/EMAIL] or

    ,Mags Campbell

    No David, thankfully I am not related to Iain Campbell – I firmly believe I am from far better stock than our esteemed web master. Suspect he might not agree! Campbell is a very common name in these parts.


    I am visiting the Killin Forum after almost 3 months and noticed an email thread about Killin Cemetery has a red “thumbs down” icon. Does this mean the subject is closed?

    I commented on the subject back in December but included it in an email to the Family Hstory Forum because I couldn’t get back to where I had originally read comments about the cemetery. I wondered if the subject was still open, or if anything had develped concerning the state of the cemetery?



    Can someone tell me the date of the earliest burials in Pier Road? Thanks

    ,helen wallace2

    I visited the old burial ground in Killin (mid 2011). It is in a very unfortunate condition, I would be more than happy to help with clean-up/restoration work. I was looking for my McDiarmid ancestors and although I found lots of McDiarmid graves, it was difficult to read the information on them due to the overgrowth and moss. I was reluctant to try scraping the moss in case I caused any damage and it did not seem appropriate to pull at the overgrown grass to read the bottom-most part of the gravestone, so I had to leave wondering if I had missed a chance to find the graves of my ancestors. Killin is a very beautiful place, the scenery is breathtaking and I found the local folk very friendly and helpful.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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