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25 Nov
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Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 7.30pm in Killin Primary School.

PRESENT :‐ F.Kennedy, A.Dowling, S Christie, G.Aitken, P.Farqhuarson, S.Inglis, G.Bickerton, T.Frost
IN ATTENDANCE :‐  Cllr M Earl, O.McKee, A.Fleming, H.Anderson, C.Allen.
APOLOGIES   S Player, C Grant
National park proposed development at Glenoglehead by Grant Moir of LLTNP
Five lochs area Lubnaig, Voil, Venachar and Glenogle 5 year plan to complete all sites 1st sites to be upgraded will be Lubnaig. The idea is to target the issues of litter, wild camping, antisocial behavior and to bring more people who will spend more time and money in the area.  These sites will have camping spaces, mobile home parking, toilets, fire pits, picnic tables and a kiosk which will be leased to a proposed manager who will look after the site in the summer season. The kiosk will be a wooden and stone structure with a slate roof to be in keeping with the park. The winter maintenance will be undertaken by the NP. Glenoglehead does not have any issues with antisocial behavior however it will still require some form of policing.
FVHB (forth valley health board) have had an application for a Davidsons pharmacy at Myrtle Grove Killin. There will be a public meeting on the 28th Nov 2012 to discuss arising matters. FVHB are promoting pharmacies, they have  weighted  favour of a pharmacy for Killin. KCC are to reply to FVHB letter asking for more info.  KCC to also write to invite Davidson’s chemist to the public
meeting. Is a pharmacy  necessary or desirable as we already have a provision at the Doctors surgery which may be jeopardised if a pharmacy should open, Killin could be left with no provision in the future should the new pharmacy not work out. Parking at Myrtle Grove was considered a problem.
Approval last minutes   Prop T Frost    2nd A Dowling

XMAS TREE A Dowling stated tree is all organized.R  Grant to be asked to put the lights on and Stitt bros asked to erect the tree

FIREWORKS license is £96.00 this year


BIOMASS To start by about Easter

Dochart Bridge   lights to be reported hydroelectric problem
Craignavie Road   on‐going   trees to be reported

BAKESHOP Puddle on‐going

PLAYPARK plans to be put to an open meeting, to be arranged at a later date all comments will be welcomed.

BREADALBANE FORUM    All community councils agreed for Strathfillan to try the pilot project this would leave Stirling Council employees more time to work in Killin and BLS areas

CEMETERY On‐going.

CCTV Drain behind School is to be cleared by a contractor in the summer months. C Grant to maintain and clear in the winter months Nov to Mar to be checked by rural Stirling housing association that are responsible for all contractors and to make sure the job is done. O McKee to check on and report to KCC

KILLIN YOUTH GROUP received an award in the Provost’s Award Ceremony held at Stirling Castle in October

PUBLIC TOILETS Top toilets cost £8500.00 per year to maintain bottom toilets cost £7500.00 per year. Bottom toilets are priority, comfort partnerships have been deferred until June 2013 to give time to come up with a resolution to the problem. Top toilets are associated with the mill and could jeopardise the mills function if they are not saved also.
ACOB The trees between Lix Toll and the bridge to be looked into as they require cut back. They are on a programme to be cut if finances allow although the timescale is unknown.
NEXT MEETING JAN 15th 2013 in Killin Primary School at 7.30 pm

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